Just a lunchtime thought, dark and dour as the weather made me :)

The sun rose and the winds blew
And the bees buzzed about
Like dutiful messengers of love
As in all natural order of things
Of a life unperturbed..

From spring’s bosom to summer’s bounty
A bud to a flower, it bloomed
Faced toward an unending possibility
A dreamer’s folly
Of an eternal bliss

But the autumn brought with it
The seasonal dangers of temptation
Testing one’s will to withstand
The Storm that blows all
What took a lifetime to gather

So it fell in spirals, besmirched
The leaves were stripped first
Likes clothes to man at his end
Then followed the flowers
Pretty petals that bejeweled its life

Now downtrodden and discolored
It lay on the ground..
Trampled by the unthinking feet
As dim hopes of redemption
Faded into oblivion
And to dust it turned...
I find this piece resting in one of my archives - a fiction I had written more than a decade back with such amazing innocence and simplicity!

The teacher was late but she came anyway, much to my utter disappointment!

“Children, open your books now. Let us practice handwriting. Now, everyone write down

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog

"Remember this is one sentence which contains all the alphabets. Come now; start writing the sentence upto fifty times.”

His mind wasn’t as crisp as the morning he took a brisk walk down the dusty road zigzagging amidst concrete buildings that reeked with greed and rustic owners. Once upon a time this was an open space where he slept on haystacks with his friends, when the sun seemed brighter and the winds blew without care, when people were forgiving and times merrier. Less was more then.

This is a futile attempt to remind you that I am still around, just in case you forgot unless you have stopped visiting altogether :) And as always, this is my dark imagination at work!!


Stumbling in deep agony
Was a fracture in my being
The harbinger of pain…
Of confinement and hopelessness

It gets deeper by the day
On its journey to break my spirit
Till off my mental axis will it
Fade memories of who I used to be

It shifts the structure of existence
Not a step more, it tears the sutures
Not a step back, for with a reverse
Progress was never the end

This moment is then all that is left
To suspend..
To hang onto…
To be…

For when the bones appear, and flesh decays
With a scalpel’s care
And bitter snow befalls the lovely summer
Shallowing breaths will follow

Until the dawn of freedom in entirety
When our little spirits will
Waft through the Himalayan Mountains
Into the laps of heaven…